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[2014-03-30 3:17:20]
New SHARP COB LED Downlight...
[2013-03-22 21:04:48]
LED Lighting get warm in 2013...
[2013-02-26 21:04:22]
New COB LED Downlights...
LED Lighting get warm in 2013
Update:2013-03-22 21:04:48 Read:46441

As the world's economy stages a rebound, the global LED industry is expected to ride the wave of an uptrend in demand, in particular for lighting applications.


According to some industry experts, since the beginning of 2013 sales in LED lighting has expanded at a quicker-than-expected pace. As the peak season for the LED industry will arrive in the second quarter of this year, momentum is expected to continue, leaving behind a slow year of 2012, which was partly impacted by the financial turmoil in the euro zone.

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