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  Retail Store Lighting

Retail Store Lighting

Supermarkets and stores vending area is consumer shopping sites to keep enough lighting on sales site, color coordination to create a comfortable shopping environment for customers, build up a good shopping atmosphere, which is very important for super market store. Overall, the supermarket lighting lamps and lanterns should be as concise and lively environment, basic characteristics for the convenience of customers, Service tenet of consumers and outstand the characteristics of shops and commodities

1. The Lights lighting

The modernization of the lighting of Super market is on a par with merchandising technology. Because light can change the face of the super market scene and atmosphere, different types of lighting make different feeling, of which lighting make warm and happy atmosphere, others make solemn. The appropriate lighting can make goods more attractive and easier to be found and increase the desire of the purchasing goods.

There are three kinds of led lightings in the Super market basic lighting, level 2 light and atmosphere light.

A: Basic lighting

Belongs to the interior shopping of the basic lighting light. Including showcase lighting, Rim lighting on sidewalk, ceiling light. Basic lighting and safe passage designator light In the Inside, etc. Basic lighting can use fluorescent lamp or incandescent lamp, can be direct lighting lamps and lanterns and indirect lighting lamps and lanterns, which mainly depending on the style of shop , the display and sales of the commodity, such as the bakery indirect exposure to the light, emphasize on the bread and all soft-down kinds of cakes.

B: Level 2 light

Level 2 light has the basic lighting that can't accomplish special performance function. Level 2 light can adopt to the spotlight and omni lighting, is mainly used to strengthen the window lighting, make the shelves and container more bright, attract customers' attention. Level 2 light, which has had the function of the sales of goods.

(1) Under spot light is the illuminating lighting from the ceiling. Which can effectively light on the counter top certain good position, which can avoid reflected lighting stimulating customer's eyes from the surface of glass and counter, the effect of under spot light can be achieved by metal halide spot lighting.

(2) Displaying light. Mainly used to overcome the surface of glass and sliding glass door to generate reflected light that causes to the glare phenomena, lighting products provide easy to stay hidden if display lighting is higher than the lighting that is provided by interior goods, in addition to, they can intensity illuminate commodities, and be up illuminate to outstand the outline of goods. Can also be used for lighting the upside of wall to create comfortable atmosphere. The main functions are secondary light help customer judge and compare goods to make the best choice for goods; meanwhile it can be helpful for the salesman to take customer needed good quickly and efficiently.

C: Atmosphere light

Atmosphere lighting can eliminate shadow, it can create different effect in special display, it not only can light up goods, but also be used to illuminate the wall directly and create atmosphere and directly illuminate model people, even can be used to illuminate the advertising drawing board with model commodity. Atmosphere Light is directly relate to staffs. In the window, the atmosphere filters the light can be added to create a variety of colors of light, resulting in the drama of the effect. In the store, the atmosphere light can make the display of goods is more distinctive; the atmosphere light intensity required for a stronger lead, are generally used incandescent spotlights or floodlights. Spotlight can be focused to illuminate a part of floodlights can illuminate a larger range.

To display the range achieved with the atmosphere of dramatic lighting effects, display staff to solve two problems, namely, the color shading problems and issues. Can put on display from sunlight exposure on the nature of the observed phenomena and experience that would, in a display lighting application. Store display lighting, mostly from the top or side light. Because exposure to light from the bottom up, easy to be blocking the display device or product, and the formation of shadows. As for side irradiation, the more appropriate of furniture on display.

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