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  Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting need to be bright and clear, no glare and double image. Using LED is the most scientific choice: LED lighting fixture was obviously better than traditional metal halide, mercury lamp, fluorescent lamp on bright and clearness based on 50% energy saving; 180-90W LED lighting can replace all the 400 watts metal halide and much better.

In industrial lighting applications where large areas need to be lit for extended periods during the day and overnight. TELLWO LED High Bay performs outstanding in terms of the energy-saving and maintains efficient and stable working by using US original CREE LED and high quality power supply.

The unique heat-sink structure and good combination to power supply shield realize the effective heat release conduction and diffusion to reduce the internal lamp temperature and make sure the long lifetime of light source & power supply. LED High Bay has an excellent luminous efficiency and more than 65% energy will be saved comparing with traditional lights.

With unique reflection coating inside, the reflection rate is kept high and light maintains high level uniform. The high color-rendering index makes the presentation of objects more real in effect. Various color temperatures are available enable to meet requirement of different environments by eliminating or reducing the depress moods because of the color temperature too high or too low from the traditional lamp, making the lights to be more comfortable and therefore improve the efficiency.

In addition, TELLWO LED High Bay try to provide the best LED lights for industry application by driven at constant current and voltage and applicable for wide range voltage condition from 100V AC to 240V AC, which overcome the problems of power grid, noise pollution and instability light because of the ballast and avoid workers' eyes to be tired or irritated during work.

Consideration of Warehouse lighting

1. Meet the requirement of night working

Lots of visual works should be processed in house, no matter in night or day, artificial lighting is needed. But there's a problem, artificial lighting cannot compare with natural lighting, work errors' rate increased, production efficiency reduced, because illumination and visual environment is not good enough. High illumination is required.

Regarding the visual effect, lighting placing should be based on lighting standard and wise planning, ensuring lighting standard, cut down the work efficiency reducing which is made by poor lighting. In a relatively dark environment to ensure a certain color rendering index of light, in order to increase the optical efficiency.

2. Meet the needs of the brightness, while gives a visual sense of comfortable

Warehouse ceiling and wall lighting effect relate to the area of room. Proportion of a small room ceiling in the Vision is small, degree of impact control is small, while the proportion of wall in the vision, degree of impact control is large, so the small room can use high reflectance wall, low reflectance of the ceiling. Conversely, large rooms use high reflectance of the roof, low reflectance of the wall. Through effective lighting arrangement, to achieve appropriate and balance illuminance, Lighting requirements are bright and clearly, no glare and no ghosting.

3. Warehouse Illuminance requirements are below form:

Form: Standard value of general lighting for industrial buildings

4 Projects: Light Distribution Effect in Storage

TELLWO Lighting design for low ceiling storage project:

A. Height of the storage: 5m

B. Requirement of average intensity of illumination: 200lux

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