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    Technology is changing lives at a pace never before witnessed in all of human history, and with it, the way we see the world. More than a hundred years ago the incandescent filament brought illumination to the night, multiplying human productivity at an exponential rate. Later, fluorescent light rose up as a power-saving alternative to the incandescent.
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    TELLWO Lighting, founded in 2009, with rapid development, TELLWO has become the professional manufacturer of LED lighting products & Solution-oriented for Commercial and Road Lighting applications. Seeking to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and alleviate the world's most pressing environmental challenges, TELLWO is leading the way into a new era of environmentally and human friendly LED lighting.
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    Lighting is a key factor in the office environment, where it contributes to each employee's ability to work effectively and more efficiently by promoting emotional well-being, safety and alertness.......

    The purpose of school lighting is to give teachers and students a good teaching and learning environment. A good lighting environment can reduce visual fatigue of students, so that students focus......

    Lighting in residential areas serves many purposes, from cultivating an inviting and friendly atmosphere to creating a safe, secure environment where residents can feel comfortable to move around freely ......

    Warehouse lighting need to be bright and clear, no glare and double image. Using LED is the most scientific choice: LED lighting fixture was obviously better than traditional metal halide, mercury lamp ......

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